Magic Outside Your Comfort Zone

In this so called life, we cannot avoid the fact that there will always be two sides of the coin–joy and grief. Our human flesh is so weak that in this world we live in, we do not want to face problems, experience struggles and hardships. We just want to have fun, chill, relax in all facets of our lives.

But, have we already realized that life will be dull if we have no problems at all? If we don’t experience roller coasters of emotions, life will never be exciting and thrilling as it can be.

Lots of workloads in your current job? Final exams? Financial difficulties? Relationship conflicts?

Remember:When you try to conquer and face all of these even if you don’t want to, imagine the real results after.

You’ve become a better professional in your own career as you gained so much learnings. You have mastered your time management and leadership skills. You have learned how to study hard. You have become a budget expert. You have become a better husband, wife, sister, mother,and a friend.

Problems, trials, struggles, and hardships will always help you to become a better you. Always remember that.

If you are struggling right now and currently in the midst of darkness, keep going as there will be light at the end of tunnel. It will be painful tempoararily, but it will always be worth it.

“Great things happen when we step out of our comfort zone.”


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