#PositiviTips at Workplace

Can’t get over with your holiday vacation? Yes.
Want an extended vacation? Yes.

Can’t wait for another long weekend holiday? Yes.

These are the signs you are not yet ready conquering the tasks and projects on the workplace this year. Want to conquer the workplace positively this year? Here are some quick #Positivitips that can hopefully help you.

1. Wake up early in the morning to start your day.

Say no to snooze. Have a great time to reflect how you will start your day right. Read God’s word, have a great sip of your favorite hot drink in the morning, sing your favorite song in the shower, plan your day or whatever routine works for you. Don’t wake up late so that you can start your day chill and not rushing.

2. Enjoy your commute/trip while going to work.

Traffic can make you stress but don’t let that ruin your day. This is one of the things that is out of your control but you can definitely control on how you can make the best of your commute. You can think of great ideas for your work, listen to great music,great motivational podcasts or eat your favorite morning snacks. The possibilities are endless.

3. Have a list of all your tasks for the day and just smile at it.

Overwhelmed with so many tasks in front of you? Do not frown as it takes more muscles than to smile. Just smile as it will give you a good and positive vibes as you start your first hour of work. Smile cannot finish your tasks of course but at least it will help you to be motivated as you face your day.

4. Respect your colleagues and boss no matter what.

You cannot avoid that you have colleagues you are annoyed at. Respect them, just do your best at work and be kind to them no matter how annoying that person could be. Remember that kindness will always be the sweetest revenge. Avoid the negativity and stress!

5. Read Motivational and inspirational articles everyday.

Reading these kind of articles will at least help you to uplift your mood in your everyday work life. There are tons of websites in the internet that you can scan while taking a break. You will get great tips as well on how you will conquer the struggles in work.

6. Take a break in between work.

Maximize all the given breaks in the company. Don’t be the hero in the workplace who doesn’t take a break for the day. Your company will not make a statue for you. Taking a break helps you refresh your mind and lessen the chance of being overfatigue and overwork in your workday. Taking a break is a great time to relax, chill and get back on track.

7. Be friendly in the workplace.Find a friend who will be your buddy.

Isn’t is nice to have someone in the workplace whom you can share your work struggles, problems, jokes, laughter and food? (Haha) Having a buddy in the office helps you to overcome the stress in the workplace as you can have someone you trust in the office.

8. Maximize all the learning opportunities in the workplace.

There are really times that tasks overwhelmed you with struggles and difficulties. Take a deep breath and hold on to the thought that all of the projects,once successfully delivered will make you a better professional,a better you. Always do your best so that you will learn at its best.

9. Make a positive difference whatever profession you have.

Whatever profession you have, always aim that whatever project or task you are doing, make a positive difference to your customers,clients, or even to your colleagues. Do not just aim to earn money, to get promoted, to deliver your task but to spread positivity in whatever you are doing.

Conquer your work this year with more positivity, learnings, great opoortunities. God bless you this year!


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