#PositiviTips: Love and Relationships

“No man is an island.”

Family. Friends. Partner in Life.

They’re the ones who make our lives more exciting, meaningful and amazing in this world full of pain and loneliness.

… The ones who give love, comfort, strength when we are unlovable and weak.

… The ones who make us happy and teach us how to be our real selves.

These special people are God’s gift to each one of us. We love these bunch of people that we would always cherish and take care of them as well as our relationship with them.

Want to spend a long lasting and meaningful relationship with these so wonderful people? Here are the #PositiviTips to help you.


Time is one of the priceless gifts we can give to our friends and loved-ones. With the existence of technology nowadays, we have no reasons to give excuses. We can just drop them a sweet message via text, chat or even e-mail. Call them at least 30 minutes a day and ask how’s their day. Spare 15-30 minutes for video calls to let them see your smiles. The list is so endless for you to make them feel loved. Please stop saying “I am busy”, “I have so many things to do”, “I am in over time” because if we really want to, we can always make time.


When things messed up, learn to forget the pride. Try to fix things before the day ends so that things will not become even more complicated.

Talk to your loved-one as soon as possible (very asap), be humble enough to take the the initiative to fix things so that relationships will end up okay, not in dismay.


Let us be honest and loyal at all our relationships. Let us never break the trust that they have given to us. Once it has been broken, it will take too much time to bring back the way you treat each other, the way our parents trust us or worst-case scenario, it will even lead to relationship break-ups.

Don’t lie. Don’t cheat, or else, all will never be the same again.

It is true love when we accept our loved-one despite of their flaws, whether they have an unattractive physical appearance, whether they’re impatient, boastful, disrespectful, or even a bitch.

Remember the 80/20 rule? Focus on their 80% strengths and never mind the 20% flaws that comprised each person. After all, we are only humans with so much imperfections but God still chooses to love us. If God can love us this way, we can also do the same to our loved-ones.


I really believe that when you have God as the center of all your relationships, these will always be meaningful and long-lasting.

God serves as our role model of love. He first loved us, before we loved Him.

We choose to love despite imperfections because God loves us unconditionally.

We always choose to forgive because God is a forgiving God and has even commanded us to forgive seventy times seven.

We always choose to eat our pride because God wants us to be humble and He doesn’t want us to have terrible relationships.

We choose to be loyal and trustworthy because God doesn’t want broken relationships.

When we have God as the center of our lives, we will all start doing things that will glorify Him at all aspect of our lives, even in relationships. Glorifying Him produces best and fruitful relationships.

” In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because God sent His only begotten son into the world, that we might live through Him. ” 1 John 4:9

Let us not waste any chances to have good relationships with these important people while we are still living.

If you have any broken relationships, hope these #PositiviTips will help you to rekindle and restore relationships.

Remember, you have read this article for a very good purpose. 🙂


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