Mothers are the BEST WOMEN in the world 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers in the whole world!

Mothers are the best women in the world. They have a very tough job of always giving their 100% of love, sacrifices, patience and understanding so that we can have the best life in this world.

Let me tell you some of the reasons why Mothers are the best women in the world, or the universe rather. 🙂

1. Mothers are SELFLESS.

Mothers are always willing to sacrifice their time, energy and money just to give us what we want.
I remember back in my elementary days, Mama would grab all every opportunity to have an additional income, just for me to finish my studies, eat three times a day and to join all the extra curricular activites I love. She sold biscuits and cookies, tutored an elementary student, and even sewn rugs and sold it to our neighbors.

Mothers are naturally selfless.

2. Mothers are the women you CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT.

Well, aside from the fact that they’re the one who gave birth to us, how is it that we cannot live without these awesome bunch of women?

They are the one who taught us to walk, talk, took care of us from changing our diapers, preparing our food, singing a sweet sound of lullaby, washing our little and cute clothes until we grow up and can now take care ourselves.

From the very beginning, until now, they are always there for us just to be on our 100% best!

3. Mothers are our FIRST BESTFRIEND.

Well, it may not be applicable to everyone but for me, Mama is my first bestfriend! 😁

From a number one fan and supporter in everything you do, she is also fun to be with! From food trip, photo poses to traveling, hobbies, meaningful talks and advices!

She is a kind of bestfriend you are sure will never leave you!

4. Mothers are STRONG.

From giving birth to taking care of us, Mothers are naturally strong.
They are the kind of women who will be willing to sacrifice their comfort just for the pain of 9-months bearing us until they give birth to us.

They are the kind of women who have an unwavering strength to conquer all the challenges and difficulties in growing up kids and managing a marriage life.

I can testify that my Mama is one of a tough and strong mother. She is a single Mom and has a dual role of being a mother and a father, but I am very proud of her. She never fails to give us her 100% love, care, understanding and patience to all of us, her three children. We are always proud to have her as a mother, our best mom!

She should also be proud that all her children grew up to be the kind of persons God wants us to be.

She is also a tough woman who has a forgiving heart. She never hold grudges and let hurt distracted her and instead,she keeps on giving her 100% best to us three.

Proud to have her as our Mom!

Indeed, Moms are the best women in the world! We would not be the best persons right now without their help, effort and love. We owe these women so much for being one of the modern heroes who deserved so much praise and love from all of us!

For those who grew up with your moms, celebrate this day with her and treat her like a queen from now on!

For those who did not grew up with their moms, believe that everything happens for a reason and make sure that when you already have your own family in the future or even at present, be the best parents to your children!

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Moms, Mommies, Mamas, Inays, Nanays who are the best women in the whole world!


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