SUMMER TRAVEL DIARY: MARCH-ing Cool and Refreshed (PART 1)

TRAVELING. It leaves you speechless, then turns you into a STORYTELLER. “


Summer is over!

But, I know most of us did not miss this season to enjoy the scorching heat of the sun traveling into different wonderful places from beach, parks and many other tourist destinations.

What places have you explored and discovered these past few months?

This summer of 2017 is the only time I was able to maximize the time and resources to explore some wonderful God’s creation (aside from Company Outings) that’s why I am so excited to write this and share it with you.

Let me share to you my Summer Travel Experiences this 2017 and some travel #PositiviTips that will hopefully help you on your next travel.

  1. BATO SPRINGS RESORT in San Pablo, Laguna

Bato Springs Resort is located in San Pablo. It is nestled on the foothills of Mt.Cristobal and Mt. Banahaw ( which is the source of very cold water that makes the swimming experience cool and awesome. The resort is surrounded by pools with falls and lush greeneries that’s perfect for reconnecting with nature.

Resort’s highlight is its coolest water! At first, you’ll be afraid to take a dip, but as you swim and experience its water, your body will be able to adjust to it! I personally love the water! 😁 😁

Entrance Fee is only ₱75 pesos for a day! Very affordable and suitable place for a family to relax and to have a coolest summer experience one with nature.

If you want to stay for an overnight, they also offer an overnight fee which is ₱120.00 per person. You may relax as well at their air – conditoned rooms. You may check their rates and see the full details at their facebook page:Bato Springs Resort

Travel #PositiviTips:

  • No need to take a bath again after your dip in the spring since it’s a natural water. (Well, it depends on the person 🙂
  • If you have extra time, take a stroll to some of the nice churches in Laguna such as Nagcarlan Church and Liliw Church. In Liliw,there are also nearby stores to buy cheap but nice footwears.

  • You can also drop by in the famous Padre Pio National Shrine in Sto. Tomas, Batangas which is just located few kilometers away from San Pablo, Laguna.

  • Make most of your time and enjoy the travel with your loved-ones!
  • You might be afraid to soak yourself in the cold water, but it’s worth really the try and very relaxing! It’s like in life, never be afraid to take the challenges. Even if it scares you at first, be persistent to try and face it. You will never know how enjoyable would it be just like what I’ve experienced in the Bato Springs!

2. Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort in Tiaong, Quezon

I was really curious about this place ever since because of its Waterfall Resto! 😁

This Resort is located in Tiaong, Quezon (near boundary of Quezon and San Pablo). If you are planning to go here, you should have a private vehicle since the resort is far from highway. Also, need a prior reservation online in booking your tour!

The staff welcomes us with a popular Filipino beverage– Sago’t Gulaman! After confirming reservation with their Front Office, we are ready to go!

While going to the first stop, we rode in the Kalesa but this time, it is not a horse. It’s a lovely Carabao! 😁 On our ride, a group sang us a HARANA on their sweetest voices and melodic strum of guitar.


Your feet will get wet so make sure to wear waterproof footwears or you may remove your shoes and leave them at the shoe area. The Filipino buffet is waiting for you with Nom, nom, nom and yummy native salad, grilled meat plus rice and buko juice (excluded in the buffet fee).

When your full, you can have a photoshoot with man-made Waterfalls and capture the wet moments!

Next stop is the Cultural Presentation. Their talented staff showcased some of the famous folk dances in the Philippines from Tinikling to Singkil.

After the presentation, you’re free to enjoy the pool, water kayak activity and their museum (former old church) full of Religious Figures and historical stuff (love letter of Jose Rizal to Josephine Bracken is there!)

Travel #PositiviTips :

  • Make the most of the tour (₱1600-day tour) from food, enjoying the sight, cultural presentation and even the amenities! If you have budget, it would be nice to stay in their relaxing rooms and cottages made in a very Filipino way!
  • Appreciate the Cultural Presentation. I know most of us is not a fan of those kind of cultural and native presentations, but at least be appreciative. The staff sacrificed their free time for practices to perform on their 100% on weekends.
  • There is souvenir shop near the entrance and exit of the resort,but I would really advise to collect and capture wonderful moments instead on your visit.
  • For more details about the resort, visit their website:

Take a time at least once in a month to travel or go to places you’ve never been to. It might be the nearby resto, resort, beach or wonderful place that is worth to try!

“Take every chance you get because some things only happen ONCE. ” – Karen Gibbs

That’s the appetizers for my travel experience this March 2017. Get ready for the main course and dessert for the Part 2 of my Summer Travel Diary!

Hope you enjoy the first part and stay tune for the exciting APRILivin’ Summer! 😁


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