The long wait is over! Here is the part 2 for the wonderful Summer Experience happened last April!

Hope you will enjoy reading and learn from my experience and some Travel #PositiviTips!

1. Calaguas Island, Camarines Norte

We’re (4) four backpackers who have conquered this Holy Week Escapade! 😁We decided to join a Travel Tour (MMC Tours) for this kind of adventurous trip which costs ₱3500 for 3 days and 2 nights trip which includes food, van and boat transfer, island tour and tent accomodation. Let’s see where did ₱3500 go.

It was an 8-hour road trip from Cubao, Quezon City to Paracale, Camarines Norte which is the port going to Calaguas Island. We did rest for a while and recharged our stomach as we get ready to conquer the 2-hour boat ride to Calaguas!

Thank God, the boat-ride was a calm one. Based on the reviews I have read, the usual boat-ride experience would required enough strength to conquer the  wavy ride for 2-hours. This is why all passengers are required to place all bags/belongings inside the big plastic to prevent your things from being wet.

Here we go and we arrived! We were amazed with the beauty of the island: The crystal clear waters and  white fine sand.

In the afternoon, we tried trekking as part of Calaguas experience! Here are some of the breathtaking photos captured:

It is really worth the hike! 😁

In the evening, we have set up our tent in a very beautiful location: we are at the front beach! We had a very relaxing conversation under the stars while eating barbecue and we’ve dipped our body in the water afterwards! (I have no picture but let’s just play with your imaginative skills)

In the morning, we woke up around 5:30am and it is one of the best morning I had! I woke up with the sound of relaxing waves and nice beach. What a truly relaxing escapade it is!

At 6:00am, we enjoyed the clear waters of the beach and  I don’t want to get out of the water anymore!

But as we are looking forward to enjoy the rest of the day, bad news suddenly came up. We need to go home due to gale warning in the island. As per our Tour Agency, we have an option to stay but it would be risky as for the possibility to get stranded for five days!

We are not yet satisfied as we really want to enjoy the beach for one more day but we left, asking for a refund from Tour Agency. With that,  they just suggested if we can just maximize the remaining amount to have a day-tour to another island who is in Northern part of the Philippines (Calaguas Island is in Southern Part of Country).

We said Yes and here is the continuation of our Holy Week Escapade going to:


From South to North, here we come! We arrived at our destination, 7am in the morning after a total of 15-16 hours of roadtrip!

Since it is just a day-tour, here are some of the tourist spots we’ve been to in Baler!

Ditumabo Rock Formation– good for picture taking! 😁

Ditumabo Water Falls– cold water but so nice! The long walk is really worth it!

Our Last stop is the famous Baler Beach wherein surfing is the top activity in the beach. I did not try to swim nor surf since I just want to fill my stomach during that time! 😁

That’s the wrap for our wonderful Holy Week and Summer Escapade!

Now, let me run down the short Travel #PositiviTips that might help  you for your next travel!

  • If you can get a Travel Tour Agency with a very affordable package for your vacation, this would be nice to avoid the hassle on your part when it comes to planning. Just double check the inclusions of the package and of course, if the agency is listed and accredited in the Department of Tourism.
  • Just be adventurous! Do not hesitate to try new things, this might surprise and amaze you!
  • For a long road trip, do not forget to always bring a neck pillow. This would be your weapon towards comfortable sleep.
  • Try at least once to sleep in a tent located in the beachfront. Reconnection with God’s creation such as stars, sand, waters would bring you to the next level of relaxation you need in your vacation.
  • If the original itinerary fails to be followed, (just like what happened to us due to weather), be prepared to say yes to random trips or just enjoy going home bringing the beautiful memories of your escapade.
  • Make the most and best of your travel. Once you step in the sand, make the most out of it. You will never know what tomorrow brings.
  • Invest in waterproof stuff if you are beach lover and want to conquer the beauty of Calaguas!

Hope you enjoyed the part 2 of our Summer Travel Experience!

Thanks for your time to read! If you have any travel experience with the same places, feel free to share your experience!

Get ready and be excited for the Part 3!


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